The decision is made - you are going to open an online store! Congratulations, it's a big step. Now you stand in front of planning and decisions... One of them is choosing how your website will look. Zento has two options for you: a ready-made template or an individual project. How to choose which option is better for your business? Advise below!

Before you make a decision


The most important issue you need to consider is the budget. Take into account all the costs that are still ahead of you and calculate how much money you can spend on graphic preparation. However, money is not everything. How extensive your future site is going to be is also very important. In addition, the industry in which your store will operate is a crucial factor. The choice of layout should be tailored to the necessary functionalities and future recipients.

Advantages and disadvantages of templates


A template is a ready page design. The choice is large, and the final look can easily be matched to your expectations and visual representation of your brand. From the very beginning you know how your store will look, so there are no surprises. In addition, preparing the store to opening when choosing a template, is a very quick process. The templates prepared by us are modern and responsive, fully equipped with the rich functionalities of the Magento platform. Plus, the cost of such implementation is small. The decision on the template is associated with a relatively low investment risk, so it is a good choice for beginners and small businesses. You can view our suggestions library by clicking here.


Zento offers as a Bonus personalization package for stores built on a template so that you can fully adapt our ready project to the needs of your business! This package includes:


  • Creating and modifying banners

  • Preparation and uploading your logo

  • Setting up your domain

  • Customizing manufacturers' logos


But of course we have to be honest with you - the choice of template has its weaknesses ... The wider possibilities of its modification are very limited. You need to be prepared for the fact that the same designs are used repeatedly, and despite the personalization - you can easily see the similarities between projects built on the same template.


Advantages and disadvantages of an individual project


If you know that the template will not be enough for you - we have a solution. Individual project will meet all your expectations in terms of the appearance of your future site. Tailor-made graphics, functionalities chosen by you. If you need custom solutions, this will not be a problem. Unique, distinctive, special - that's how we'll create your store. You won't find a similar implementation anywhere. All you have to do is tell us what you expect and our designers will prepare it for you. The possibilities of modification are almost unlimited, and if in the future it will be necessary to make changes - this process will be much easier. We guarantee graphics consistency with other elements of visual identification. You can click here to view our portfolio, full of individual solutions. The most important factors behind choosing a personalized layout include:


  • Original look

  • Any page layout you want

  • Any additional elements you want

  • Positive impact on shaping the brand's position on the market

  • The possibility of interference and consultation in the process of design


But we won't charm you - the cost is higher compared to the template solution. It is also possible that we will need a bit more time to prepare the project for you - in the end it will be created from scratch. Your greater commitment to the process will also be necessary. Unfortunately, there is no fortune-teller in our team that could guess what our customers need. Without proper communication of expectations and visions, bringing the project to the final phase may be a path of torment for both parties. Our team is very well prepared, we will ask you specific questions and present suggestions - but you must know what you really want. If in doubt, you can always count on our advice and support.

If after reading this article you still do not know what to choose - our consultants are ready to help.


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The end of the old year is a great time for summaries and reflections. It is also worth considering how your e-business was doing last year. Have the investments paid off? Has marketing brought the intended goals? Or maybe you're just planning to enter the market? It is also a good time to look forward and plan the upcoming months. New year - new strategies for your online store!


In order not to be left behind, you need to follow the development of the eccomerce industry. And this one is developing at an extremely fast pace. Below we describe what trends are worth implementing in the life of your business in the new year 2020:


Video descriptions of products


Adding a video to the product description is a great strategy. We all know that reading is not that much popular nowadays. Long, detailed text can quickly bore the recipient. Through the video you can show the product in everyday use, visually show its advantages. The customer has the opportunity to get to know the subject better, imagine it. It is worth investing in adding this type of materials to your selling channel. You can even set up a YouTube channel for your store to promote your products more than just on the website. Be sure to also post them on other social media channels.


Social media activity


If you're not on the internet - you don't exist! Surely your customers spend more time on social networks than on your website. It's a must for you to be there too. Presence is important, but also activity - publish valuable content and let the community share them. Use multiple communication channels - social media is not just Facebook, enable your activity on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and wherever your potential customers spend time. This is not only a reliable method to get to know consumers, but also new sales channels - the so-called micromarkets. It is also worth considering working with influencers - customers are more likely to buy if the product is recommended to them by someone they know and whose opinion they value.




The uniqueness and originality increasingly appeal to customers bored with typical products that are not distinguished by anything special. With modern extensions that allow the customer to adapt the product to their own vision - you can easily expand sales. The ability to upload and modify additional elements by the customer that will find a place on the final product, choose the color or pattern - your visitors will appreciate the opportunity to purchase exactly the product they dream of.


New technologies


Your store must be adapted to the times in which it operates. First of all, the responsiveness of your mobile version is necessary, as the activity of buyers through smartphones is constantly increasing. But it is not everything. The latest trends include Chatbots and voice search optimizations. Artificial intelligence is a reliable source of knowledge about your customers. Thanks to this you will be able to offer customers a more personalized message.


Trying the product before buying


What most often prevents customers from shopping online is the inability to physically familiarize themselves with the product. A simple two-dimensional picture, especially if there is only one, does not give the customer a full feeling. You can help your recipients, e.g. by introducing interactive visualizations. Augmented reality solutions are not yet very popular in online stores, but are gaining interest. They help customers imagine their planned purchase in real time. From the more easily available solutions it is worth using, for example, a 360͒ rotational photo or the option to try the product at home ("try & buy").


D2C model


The new model in online sales is Direct to Consumer, which skips the middle step in the sales process. The product directly from the manufacturer goes to the customer, thereby reducing the purchase cost. It is currently a rapidly growing part of the e-commerce market. Thanks to this, the brand has a chance to create its own sales channel, reaching exactly to the desired recipient. So if this is a business model that you can implement in your company - you should think about it.




Following the old saying - a jack of all trades is a master of none. A store that offers a bit of everything is no longer a good idea. Specializing in your product range will help you reach consumers looking for specific products. Sell ​​products dedicated to a given group of recipients. Don't play distractions in the form of side categories, completely unrelated to each other. Get involved in one specific category of products that you offer. This will help your customers find your store and what they want to buy.

The whole Zento team wishes you good luck in e-business for the upcoming 2020 New Year! Good luck with selling!


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Every day, Internet users upload about 84000 hours of video to YouTube platform. These are huge numbers, especially if you count that one person, in order to watch all uploads from one day, would have to spend 16 years without any breaks! The amount of content is therefore overwhelming ... But on the other hand - we also watch more often and more willingly, and the fatigue of video content among the recipients is not visible. Text is not enough in today's world. In this article, we will tell you how to include video-marketing strategy into the activities of your online store.


Video in business is no longer a trend, but a necessity to gain an advantage over the competition.


Poles spend about 50 minutes a day watching videos on the Internet, the world's average is 67 minutes. Statistics are on YouTube side:


80% of users are able to recall the video ad they have seen in the last 30 days;

62% of consumers watch video reviews before purchasing a product;

84% of Internet users made a purchasing decision after watching a video about the brand;

97% of respondents understood the product or service better thanks to the video presentation.




YouTube is the clear leader in video advertising. In general social media statistics, it ranks on 2nd place, after Facebook. The largest group of users of this platform is aged 18-34. These are generations that use television much less often, so video ads in the traditional format will not reach them.


Why it works?


First of all - because we're all mostly visual when it comes to senses. 1 minute of video is able to convey more than 10,000 written characters. In addition, it gives the recipient a feeling of more real knowledge about the product, service or brand. The viewer may also be more easily involved in the content presented to him. Thanks to video he can see the product "in action" and imagine it better. The video can also be used to understand how an object works, what are its functions, strengths or details. On social networks, we also gladly share video content - and this supports the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


Forms of marketing on YouTube:


  • Help from Youtuber - a person who is already involved in running video activities on this platform. Such creators already have certain ranges and target audience. We discussed this topic in more detail in an article about influencers. It is worth offering cooperation to those whose channel topics overlap or closely refer to our industry. However, it should be remembered that this involves a financial investment - the larger the audience of Youtuber, the greater the cost of such advertising.


  • Advertising on Youtube - i.e. advertising boxes and banners that are displayed on the side of the page or on the video display window itself. Unfortunately, this form of marketing is often met with a negative reception from viewers, or at best - it is completely ignored. Many users also use Adblocks to avoid contact with unwanted and annoying ads. There is also the option of displaying a short spot before or during the video. It can be "skippable", which means you can turn off the ad after 5 seconds. If the advertisement is "non skippable", the user cannot turn it off before the end, but it is usually shorter in form - up to 30 seconds. This form can also irritate viewers, especially if it is not possible to end the spot. In this case, you also need to prepare a budget - according to the official Youtube website: "Most companies start with a budget of more than PLN 10 per day for local campaigns."


  • Publishing your own content - in our opinion, the best form of promotion on this platform. A channel dedicated to your store is a place where you can freely publish videos that you can make yourself. It does not require large financial outlays, because publishing in this form is free (and can even bring financial benefits to you!). However, it is worth investing in equipment to ensure good quality, but even a good quality smartphone may be enough in the beggining.

How to create a channel for your store? What to publish?


Start by selecting the name of the channel and uploading the profile picture. Elements directly referring to your business will give a professional setting. You can create a special intro dedicated to your company, with which you can start each recording. YouTube also allows you to insert a special channel trailer that will play automatically when someone visits your channel.


Once you start recording - start by introducing the company and its product range. You can answer the most frequently asked questions in video form - this is an interesting alternative to the FAQ on your site. Make videos of your products, show how they work, specifications and attributes. You can create instructional videos and guides presenting the scale of product capabilities. Comparison of similar products is another option, so as product tests in "action". It's a good idea to create movie categories and playlists to help your audience find interesting content.


If you can - show your business from backstage. Familiarize viewers with your company's employees. Show them a typical day at work, or vice versa - some special event in the life of the company. Show how your product is made, tell about the brand. Viewers also love "Unboxing", videos. The camera can be a stress factor, but it's important that you behave naturally. Recipients also value humorous inserts and original editing.


When uploading, pay attention to the title - make it SEO friendly, and make sure it treat about the content of the video. The description is also important, especially its first two sentences. Place key information or a store link there. Do not skip tags, that will help viewers in searching. Navigations will facilitate annotations, encouraging to watch the next episode or to subscribe. Proper preparation of a video in these matters will positively affect its positioning.


Use the channel to make contests or giveaways. It's a great way to activate followers and attract new ones. Be sure to connect the channel with other social portals. Links to your videos should also be on your store's website, e.g. if you discuss the advantages of a selected product in a video material - link to its sales page. You can also attach videos to email newsletters - this significantly increases your click-through rate.

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Ecological e-commerce

11/28/2019 9:03 AM

Fashion for Eco and Bio, healthy lifestyle and growing social awareness about taking care of the natural environment - these are the trends that are gaining popularity in recent years. They are also reflected in consumer behavior. The e-commerce market follows the customers' demand and is increasingly proposing nature-friendly solutions. And the form of e-commerce is conducive to ecological solutions.


Statistics show that the main group, interested in ecology, are "young adults", most often parents, for whom the motivation to care for the environment is the future of their children. Women and people with good material status prefer organic products. This group also includes people with higher education. The group of 45+ and even 65+ consumers who consider ecological aspects while shopping is also growing significantly. According to statistics from the public opinion survey "Attitudes of Europeans towards building the single market for green products", 77% of Europeans are ready to pay more for a product, if they are ensured about the ecological nature of the product and service. In countries with high economic development, more and more frequent are practices based on corporate social responsibility (CSR) - these are actions aimed at convincing clients to pro-ecological attitudes and limiting the demand for products that have a negative impact on the environment.


Ecology and economics - can it be combined?


Consumers are increasingly perceiving the negative impact of some shopping choices on the environment. The biggest players, in the world of commerce, have already noticed this relationship and are trying to convince customers, e.g. by offering environmentally friendly packaging. More and more companies are decreasing the use of plastic in their service. Global brands joined this movement, such as Ikea, who declared to eliminate all one-use plastic from there sales. Another example is Adidas, who is planning to produce all their shoe line from recycled plastic. This is not only a wise marketing move but also a financial calculation. In the long run, nature-friendly solutions bring real savings and also build a positive image of the company. In surveys carried out on behalf of the European Commission in 2012, 80% of respondents indicated that they prefer services and products of companies that care about ecology.


You do not have to be a market giant to join the pro-ecological activities. Alternatives to plastics are widely available and do not require much investment. It is worth, for example, replacing bubble wrap with recycled grey paper, or styrofoam with a biodegradable dropper. Instead of the usual foil tape for securing parcels, you can choose the paper one. Product packaging and parcels should be made of recyclable or biodegradable raw materials. Cardboard boxes, cardboard, wood wool - there are many options. However, remember that such a change does not have to be a complete revolution in your business - start at least by optimizing the use of materials.

However, it does not stop on the packaging. Some companies are beginning to introduce "ecological policy" to present themselves to their customers as an ecologically aware brands. Declarations on minimizing exhaust emissions in the logistics process, recycling, minimizing the number of sales documents printed, or using 'green' energy sources - those are popular steps. It is a commendable attitude to offer in the store the products, which were produced in an ethical way, and are sourced from reliable producers. Many brands informs about reducing water use in their production. Some companies also engage in charity support for ecology. An example is the Swedish Fjällräven, which a few years ago actively engaged in the protection of polar foxes. An example from Polish market is action led by bottled water producer Żywiec Zdrój, who in the campaign “On nature side”, together with National Forests planted 6 million trees.  


However, it is worth being honest in such activities. There were also companies that used the pro-ecological attitudes of consumers only for their own profit - raising prices but only pretend to care for the environment. This type of manipulation, known as "greenwashing", mislead the recipient, offering only the illusion of an "eco-friendly" solution. Such behavior is not worth duplicating.

Whether it's a temporary trend or a sincere concern for the planet - being eco pays off. In addition to the obvious reason for caring for the future of the environment, this is also a positive message for customers. A brand that is socially aware and respects nature has positive associations. It is worth considering implementing these suggestions in the life of your e-business.

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As every year, the most important event in the world of commerce is approaching - Black Friday. In 2019 the date of the event is on November 29th. Although the fashion for this American shopping holiday has come to Poland just recently, it is becoming more and more popular every year. Is it worth engaging your online store in this event? How to prepare for it? We answer in the article below!

Statistic data

Statistics conducted in 2018 show that around 60% of Poles have already met with the term Black Friday. This is a significant increase compared to survey from year before, where only slightly more than 40% of respondents gave a positive response. According to statistical data, on last year Balck Friday an average Poles spent around 340 PLN on shopping. The total shopping expenses of Polish people from that day exceeded 2.3 billion PLN nationwide. The most popular industries during this event are footwear, clothing, multimedia, electronics and household appliances.

However, because it is still a fairly new phenomenon on the Polish market, many online stores decide to extend the event for the whole weekend, or even the whole week. Similar activities are also observed on foreign markets, where Black Friday is often changed to Black Week. In addition, there are similar events in the same period - Cyber Monday (Monday following Black Friday, this year on December 2nd) and Free Delivery Day (December 10th). From the above facts it is easy to deduct that the end of November and the beginning of December are a good time for increasing the sale and promoting your online store. However, to really gain - you need to be well prepared. How?

1. Prepare your online store

One of the most important steps is testing the entire purchasing process. This servs catching any problems before the traffic on Website increases. It is good practice to prepare a separate landing page for promotional purposes only. You can associate this page with the main page, e.g. through a dedicated banner. It is worth adding labels informing about the discount to the products covered by the promotion. You can also include a special pop-up on the homepage.

2. Prepare the warehouse

A product that has been ordered by a customer but is missing in your store's assortment is a real loss. Consumers do not like to wait for products and their confidence in the brand is falling. Unfortunately, you cannot predict exactly how much of your goods will be sold during the offer. It is best to prepare yourself by stocking up the warehouse. If, for example, due to the small space, you are unable to store a large amount of goods, it is worth considering the help of an external logistics partner.

3. Prepare your marketing campaign

The advertising campaign is one of the most important elements in case of Black Friday. It should include activities on social media and email newsletters to customers. Good practice is to familiarize yourself with the content prepared by your competitors and sales leaders from the previous year. It is important to prepare some original, interesting graphics and email templates. You can also use solutions such as gifs, movies and memes. It may not be easy to stand out from many offers, so you should think about it, plan it and prepare yourself in advance. You can also start your social media campaign earlier, e.g. the countdown to the start of the promotion. You also can't forget about the hashtags that will help promotion hunters to find you.

4. Prepare a good offer

It is worth focusing the promotion around one or few products for which you can realistically minimize the margin, or even sell them completely "at cost". It is worth linking the products covered by the promotion to other products with a higher margin, through Cross-sell or Related Products. For example, you can offer a big price cut for an electric drill driver, but offer an additional purchase of a set of drill bits, tool bag and other accesories with a higher margin. It is worth enabling the Wishlist option, so that customers can save and analyze their purchase plans, or even suggest them to someone else as an idea for a Christmas gift. Also consider forms of promotion like "Second product 50% cheaper" or "2 + 1 free". If you run a loyalty program - add for e.g. extra bonus points.

5. Be honest

Consumers are not stupid, and they will not be easily fooled by an unreliable offer. We are talking about pseudo-promotions, build on raising the prices just before the sale, to drop them back in sale day, or giving an incorrect, inflated price "before the discount". However, this is not a good approach - the perceptive customer will realise before making a purchase. This reduces the credibility of the store in his eyes. If the discount does not disappear after the end of promotion days and "hangs" in the store for next weeks - customers will also notice this and will feel cheated. Trust in your brand will fall, and consument, even if bought once, will not be a loyal, returning client and will not recommend this store further. As a result, you'll lose more than you've gained from several visitors who have been deceived.

6. Ensure a good after-sales relationship

These types of discounts are accompanied by spontaneous purchases. Products that were not plan to buy often land in the customer's basket, because he decided to do so under the pressure of a limited time offer. However, there are methods to help your client during "buyer's remorse". A good idea is an „thank you” email. You can also share the reviews of other satisfied users. Encourage the customer to leave opinions about the product and service himself. Make sure you have a trouble-free return and warranty system. It is also worth offering a package tracking option. The positive experience of after-sales service will increase the chances of getting loyal customers who will come back for more.

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This month we have very good news for the Blugento clients, for the team and for our partners. Blugento drew a 1-million euro strategic investment, after signing an international agreement with the R22 Polish group.

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In a previous article, we announced that we’ve been accepted to be part of Orange Fab Romania, which is an acceleration program.

All the startups that are part of this program have the opportunity to take part in Startup Festival X Bounce that will be happening in Busan, South Korea. So that is where we’re headed in just a few days!

Why Busan

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September has been an exciting month for us, and in today’s article, we want to share our enthusiasm with you as well.

The Big News

Zento has been accepted in the Orange Fab Romania acceleration program. This means that for one year straight, we’ll have the opportunity of developing our Magento SaaS eCommerce solution using innovative technologies and we’ll also have access to dedicated mentoring.

What Is Orange Fab?

Orange Fab is a program developed by Orange, which is the leading communication company in Romania. Through this acceleration program, Orange aims at supporting entrepreneurs expand their startups so they can grow their business both locally and globally.

At the moment, Orange Fab is being organized in 15 countries...

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Magento Imagine is an event that you don’t want to miss if you’re an eCommerce professional. That is why a couple of members of Zento’s team, namely Sandu Babasan, CEO, and Vlad Stanescu, CTO, attended Magento Imagine 2018 with a few of goals in mind:

  • Connect with the global eCommerce community;
  • Learn the latest updates and innovations in the industry;
  • Get inspired by some of the brightest commerce experts.
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