Ecommerce 101: How To Write The Best Product Descriptions

Ecommerce 101: How To Write The Best Product Descriptions

11/21/2017 3:01 PM

Many business owners and even copywriters are guilty of making the same mistake: they write product descriptions that merely describe the products.

Now you might be thinking “Why is this a mistake?”.

Because the goal for the product descriptions is to engage, persuade and sell. The buyer needs to be aware of the product’s benefits and how it can change their life.

Let’s see where you need to start when writing the best product descriptions for your eCommerce site.

1. Focus on the buyer persona

The buyer persona represents your ideal customer. It’s the person for whom the product you’re selling was created.

To write the best product descriptions, you need to imagine the buyer persona way beyond some vague demographics. Think about the language they use, what kind of humor they appreciate, what questions they have about your product, and what would make them hesitant about purchasing it.

By defining your buyer persona as if they were a real person, you will be able to write customer-centric product descriptions.

2. Add the benefits

Buyers are not interested in features and all kinds of technical details. They want to know how the product can make their life better, and how it can solve a particular problem they’re having.

To make this easier for you, write down all the features and specs of your product. Then, translate each one into benefits.

3. Use a scannable format

Even if you wrote the best copy for your products, no one is going to buy them if they don’t read the copy first.

So how do you get people to avoid skimming your content and actually read it?

Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Use bullet points to attract attention;
  • Use subheadings;
  • Use a larger font to increase readability;
  • Use white space to avoid clutter.

4. Appeal to people’s imagination

Research has shown that we’re much more willing to desire a product if we can hold it in our hand. When you’re selling online, this is impossible for you to achieve.

The good news is that you can use product descriptions to appeal to people’s imagination.

The trick is simple: start a sentence with the word “imagine” and then explain how the buyer persona will feel if they owned and used the product.

5. Use sensory words

Sensory words shouldn’t be exclusively used by poets or novelists. Quite the contrary actually.

More business owners and marketers need to start using them because they help to seduce audiences while adding personality to the copy.

Our brain processes sensory words different than ordinary words as if we can actually feel the rough texture, or we can taste that chocolate cake.

For example, if you’re selling food, don’t use adjectives that refer only to the taste of the product. Go even further and refer to the sound the food makes when you take a bite and to its texture as well.

Engage, Seduce, Sell

Whatever you do, don’t be boring when it comes to your product descriptions.

Write a draft, edit, edit it once again until you know for sure that the buyer persona will understand how your product will change their life.

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