Future plans for Blugento after drawing a 1-million euro investment

Future plans for Blugento after drawing a 1-million euro investment

9/2/2019 1:16 PM

Blugento investitie 1 milion euro

Blugento drew a 1-million euro investment from the R22 Polish group

This month we have very good news for the Blugento clients, for the team and for our partners. Blugento drew a 1-million euro strategic investment, after signing an international agreement with the R22 Polish group.

This means that the Blugento platform will continue to grow beautifully and we wish to develop together the ultimate eCommerce solution from the Eastern Europe.

The partnership presupposed the sale of a 31% package from the stocks and targets the development of the platform and the extension of the Blugento business on several European markets, the firsts being Poland and France.

This is the second investment we manage to draw during 2 years. The first infusion of capital, in the amount of 120.000 euro, took place in June 2017.

“The partnership with the R22 Group will help us in achieving othe development goals, creating the best eCommerce solution for small and medium sized businesses and extending on an international level. The R22 support includes not only the financing of the development, but the access to the know-how and to a base of over 250.000 clients of the Group”, says Sandu Băbășan, CEO, Blugento. “In Romania, Blugento is one of the implicit solutions traders take into consideration when wishing to create a new online store. And our development is determined, firstly, by the clients’ recommendations.”

As a result of the new fusion of capital, Blugento is evaluated at approximately 3.8 million euro.

“Our extension plans target both the new markets and the new products. We built a comprehensive services and instruments portfolio which allow the entrepreneurs to develop the online business and to support them in automating the business processes. Blugento is a unique instrument that allows the fast and low-cost creation of professional online stores. The company proved its value on the Romanian market and is ready of an international expansion”, says Jakub Dwernicki, CEO of R2.

The transaction was assisted for Blugento by Laurentiu & Associates – Attorneys at law (LLA), through the direct involvement of Sorin Răzoare, Partner LLA, to whom we thank for all the support given in this sense.

Future plans for Blugento

As a result of drawing the investment, we will have as priorities, the development of the business support services and the investment in innovation in eCommerce. We wish that all of our clients have access to the best eCommerce technology, which helps them in growing the sales and the business. In this sense, we will continue to be more than a simple eCommerce platform: to offer business consultancy in eCommerce and to transfer as much as possible from the team’s expertise to our clients.

Also, we will accelerate the international extension, and the first markets we will enter will be Poland and France.

For the development of the platform, we will implement the latest technologies, such as Magento 2, Progressive Web, APP, Serverless and Kubernetes Applications and we wish to make them available for all the market segments.

“On the technological side, Bkugento will accelerate the development in the latest technologies’ direction, such as Progressive-Web-App, which offers the final users a superior experience and translates for the traders in a better conversion and a growth of the clients’ retention. The automation and integration in the international sales chains are also a priority, and the new functionalities such as B2B will allow the targeting of new market segments”, reveals Vlad Stănescu, CTO Blugento.

We also have as objective the extension of the team with technology and business specialists in eCommerce, and by the end of the year, we aim to have 35 employees. Therefore, if you want to become our colleague and to build together the future of the online commerce, write us at hr@blugento.ro. We look forward to meeting you

We are very happy for this success and we are grateful to the passionate team behind Blugento and of course to the platform’s clients, who trust us.

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