2020 New Year's resolutions for your online business

12/30/2019 11:55 AM

The end of the old year is a great time for summaries and reflections. It is also worth considering how your e-business was doing last year. Have the investments paid off? Has marketing brought the intended goals? Or maybe you're just planning to enter the market? It is also a good time to look forward and plan the upcoming months. New year - new strategies for your online store!


In order not to be left behind, you need to follow the development of the eccomerce industry. And this one is developing at an extremely fast pace. Below we describe what trends are worth implementing in the life of your business in the new year 2020:


Video descriptions of products


Adding a video to the product description is a great strategy. We all know that reading is not that much popular nowadays. Long, detailed text can quickly bore the recipient. Through the video you can show the product in everyday use, visually show its advantages. The customer has the opportunity to get to know the subject better, imagine it. It is worth investing in adding this type of materials to your selling channel. You can even set up a YouTube channel for your store to promote your products more than just on the website. Be sure to also post them on other social media channels.


Social media activity


If you're not on the internet - you don't exist! Surely your customers spend more time on social networks than on your website. It's a must for you to be there too. Presence is important, but also activity - publish valuable content and let the community share them. Use multiple communication channels - social media is not just Facebook, enable your activity on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and wherever your potential customers spend time. This is not only a reliable method to get to know consumers, but also new sales channels - the so-called micromarkets. It is also worth considering working with influencers - customers are more likely to buy if the product is recommended to them by someone they know and whose opinion they value.




The uniqueness and originality increasingly appeal to customers bored with typical products that are not distinguished by anything special. With modern extensions that allow the customer to adapt the product to their own vision - you can easily expand sales. The ability to upload and modify additional elements by the customer that will find a place on the final product, choose the color or pattern - your visitors will appreciate the opportunity to purchase exactly the product they dream of.


New technologies


Your store must be adapted to the times in which it operates. First of all, the responsiveness of your mobile version is necessary, as the activity of buyers through smartphones is constantly increasing. But it is not everything. The latest trends include Chatbots and voice search optimizations. Artificial intelligence is a reliable source of knowledge about your customers. Thanks to this you will be able to offer customers a more personalized message.


Trying the product before buying


What most often prevents customers from shopping online is the inability to physically familiarize themselves with the product. A simple two-dimensional picture, especially if there is only one, does not give the customer a full feeling. You can help your recipients, e.g. by introducing interactive visualizations. Augmented reality solutions are not yet very popular in online stores, but are gaining interest. They help customers imagine their planned purchase in real time. From the more easily available solutions it is worth using, for example, a 360͒ rotational photo or the option to try the product at home ("try & buy").


D2C model


The new model in online sales is Direct to Consumer, which skips the middle step in the sales process. The product directly from the manufacturer goes to the customer, thereby reducing the purchase cost. It is currently a rapidly growing part of the e-commerce market. Thanks to this, the brand has a chance to create its own sales channel, reaching exactly to the desired recipient. So if this is a business model that you can implement in your company - you should think about it.




Following the old saying - a jack of all trades is a master of none. A store that offers a bit of everything is no longer a good idea. Specializing in your product range will help you reach consumers looking for specific products. Sell ​​products dedicated to a given group of recipients. Don't play distractions in the form of side categories, completely unrelated to each other. Get involved in one specific category of products that you offer. This will help your customers find your store and what they want to buy.

The whole Zento team wishes you good luck in e-business for the upcoming 2020 New Year! Good luck with selling!


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Brygida Kesler