Zento Is Now Part Of The Orange Fab Acceleration Program

Zento Is Now Part Of The Orange Fab Acceleration Program

10/9/2018 10:15 AM

September has been an exciting month for us, and in today’s article, we want to share our enthusiasm with you as well.


The Big News

Zento has been accepted in the Orange Fab Romania acceleration program. This means that for one year straight, we’ll have the opportunity of developing our Magento SaaS eCommerce solution using innovative technologies and we’ll also have access to dedicated mentoring.


What Is Orange Fab?

Orange Fab is a program developed by Orange, which is the leading communication company in Romania. Through this acceleration program, Orange aims at supporting entrepreneurs expand their startups so they can grow their business both locally and globally.

At the moment, Orange Fab is being organized in 15 countries, and 350 startups have already graduated from the program.

One of the characteristics that needed to be met to be included in the program was the startup’s ability to build a mature product that can improve people’s lives and set a trend for the future.

The selection, as well as the acceleration stage, are facilitated in partnership with How To Web, which is represented by a team that has a vast experience in the startup ecosystem.

Here are the four main tracks available for the program:

  • Smart territories, which focuses on four main areas: Smart City, Agritech, Energy, Retail (this is where Zento fits in);

  • Future of life - Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Digital Life, Health, Smart Mobility;

  • Networks of future - Blockchain, Quality of Experience Management, Network;

  • Security - Cyber, Military, Critical Infrastructure.


The Advantages Of Being Part Of Orange Fab

Now that we're part of this startup acceleration program, we won’t be the only ones benefiting from it - our client will reap the benefits as well. We want to provide a complete eCommerce solution that satisfies the needs of companies of all sizes.

This is how Orange Fab is going to help us achieve this:

  • We will receive assistance on how to further enhance our SaaS solution;

  • We will get access to Orange technologies and the company’s partners;

  • We will receive mentorship from tech experts and successful entrepreneurs;

  • We will be working in a space that’s innovation-centered;

  • We will have the opportunity to get funded by Orange Digital Ventures;

  • We will reach a broader audience through the Orange distribution network which is going to help us validate our product on the international market;

  • We will have the possibility of integrating Zento with other existing Orange products.


The Future Starts Now

The eCommerce industry is booming and expanding at such a fast pace that the only way to meet the market’s needs it to work on continuously developing the platform. That way, our clients can focus on growing their business, and we’ll be in charge of making sure they have access to every functionality they need for their online store.

Being part of this acceleration program is an essential step as it will allow us to help more store owners scale their online shop according to their needs.    

That being said, we’re looking forward to seeing what the next year brings, and we invite to follow our blog in case you want to keep up with our journey.  


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