Store promotion on YouTube - about video marketing.

Store promotion on YouTube - about video marketing.

12/9/2019 11:51 AM

Every day, Internet users upload about 84000 hours of video to YouTube platform. These are huge numbers, especially if you count that one person, in order to watch all uploads from one day, would have to spend 16 years without any breaks! The amount of content is therefore overwhelming ... But on the other hand - we also watch more often and more willingly, and the fatigue of video content among the recipients is not visible. Text is not enough in today's world. In this article, we will tell you how to include video-marketing strategy into the activities of your online store.


Video in business is no longer a trend, but a necessity to gain an advantage over the competition.


Poles spend about 50 minutes a day watching videos on the Internet, the world's average is 67 minutes. Statistics are on YouTube side:


80% of users are able to recall the video ad they have seen in the last 30 days;

62% of consumers watch video reviews before purchasing a product;

84% of Internet users made a purchasing decision after watching a video about the brand;

97% of respondents understood the product or service better thanks to the video presentation.




YouTube is the clear leader in video advertising. In general social media statistics, it ranks on 2nd place, after Facebook. The largest group of users of this platform is aged 18-34. These are generations that use television much less often, so video ads in the traditional format will not reach them.


Why it works?


First of all - because we're all mostly visual when it comes to senses. 1 minute of video is able to convey more than 10,000 written characters. In addition, it gives the recipient a feeling of more real knowledge about the product, service or brand. The viewer may also be more easily involved in the content presented to him. Thanks to video he can see the product "in action" and imagine it better. The video can also be used to understand how an object works, what are its functions, strengths or details. On social networks, we also gladly share video content - and this supports the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


Forms of marketing on YouTube:


  • Help from Youtuber - a person who is already involved in running video activities on this platform. Such creators already have certain ranges and target audience. We discussed this topic in more detail in an article about influencers. It is worth offering cooperation to those whose channel topics overlap or closely refer to our industry. However, it should be remembered that this involves a financial investment - the larger the audience of Youtuber, the greater the cost of such advertising.


  • Advertising on Youtube - i.e. advertising boxes and banners that are displayed on the side of the page or on the video display window itself. Unfortunately, this form of marketing is often met with a negative reception from viewers, or at best - it is completely ignored. Many users also use Adblocks to avoid contact with unwanted and annoying ads. There is also the option of displaying a short spot before or during the video. It can be "skippable", which means you can turn off the ad after 5 seconds. If the advertisement is "non skippable", the user cannot turn it off before the end, but it is usually shorter in form - up to 30 seconds. This form can also irritate viewers, especially if it is not possible to end the spot. In this case, you also need to prepare a budget - according to the official Youtube website: "Most companies start with a budget of more than PLN 10 per day for local campaigns."


  • Publishing your own content - in our opinion, the best form of promotion on this platform. A channel dedicated to your store is a place where you can freely publish videos that you can make yourself. It does not require large financial outlays, because publishing in this form is free (and can even bring financial benefits to you!). However, it is worth investing in equipment to ensure good quality, but even a good quality smartphone may be enough in the beggining.

How to create a channel for your store? What to publish?


Start by selecting the name of the channel and uploading the profile picture. Elements directly referring to your business will give a professional setting. You can create a special intro dedicated to your company, with which you can start each recording. YouTube also allows you to insert a special channel trailer that will play automatically when someone visits your channel.


Once you start recording - start by introducing the company and its product range. You can answer the most frequently asked questions in video form - this is an interesting alternative to the FAQ on your site. Make videos of your products, show how they work, specifications and attributes. You can create instructional videos and guides presenting the scale of product capabilities. Comparison of similar products is another option, so as product tests in "action". It's a good idea to create movie categories and playlists to help your audience find interesting content.


If you can - show your business from backstage. Familiarize viewers with your company's employees. Show them a typical day at work, or vice versa - some special event in the life of the company. Show how your product is made, tell about the brand. Viewers also love "Unboxing", videos. The camera can be a stress factor, but it's important that you behave naturally. Recipients also value humorous inserts and original editing.


When uploading, pay attention to the title - make it SEO friendly, and make sure it treat about the content of the video. The description is also important, especially its first two sentences. Place key information or a store link there. Do not skip tags, that will help viewers in searching. Navigations will facilitate annotations, encouraging to watch the next episode or to subscribe. Proper preparation of a video in these matters will positively affect its positioning.


Use the channel to make contests or giveaways. It's a great way to activate followers and attract new ones. Be sure to connect the channel with other social portals. Links to your videos should also be on your store's website, e.g. if you discuss the advantages of a selected product in a video material - link to its sales page. You can also attach videos to email newsletters - this significantly increases your click-through rate.

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