How we create your online store


We offer you consultancy for choosing the right solution

  • we analyse your business needs and come up with a customized solution
  • we choose together the package that fits you best according to the desired functionalities
  • you sign the contract

Planning your online store

  • your project will be taken over by a dedicated project manager
  • you give us the information we need for creating your store
  • we program and assign the working team

Design & Implementation


  • we configure the store & activate the necessary functionalities
  • we create your online store design from scratch (if you opted for a custom design)
  • we personalize the design chosen by you (if you opted for a predefined design)
  • we implement the graphics (UI/UX)


  • we import the categories, attributes and products from compatible formats
  • we migrate from the old store (if applicable)
  • we offer you assistance in manually creating the product catalogue


  • we configure the payment & delivery methods
  • we integrate external services (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Tag Manager, Mailchimp etc.)
  • we configure/integrate ERP, marketplaces (if you opted for integrations)

Testing & Training

  • we perform a full functional testing (functionalities, order process, transactional emails, etc.)
  • we optimize & check the quality of your project
  • we offer a one-on-one training session for using the platform

Launching & Success

  • we publicly launch your shop: we transfer it on your domain
  • we enter the support & customer success phase in which you will still benefit from our support and assistance
  • you are ready to receive orders

Responsibilities in the implementation process:

Zento Client Marketing / SEO Agency
Graphic board creation & implementation on Zento platform
Localization (normative pages, VAT rates, language, currencies)
Configuration of transactional emails
Preparation of categories, attributes, products in compatible format
Creating categories, attributes, products through the Zento administration panel
Migration from the old store (for supported platforms)
Creating informative pages
Stylization of informative pages
Blog administration (posting articles/editing)
Products/categories content optimization (meta information, descriptions, etc.)
SEO advanced settings
Configuration of payment & shipping methods
Creation & configuration of email boxes
Marketing tools integration (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, user tracking tools etc.)
Additional modules setup (quality auditing, front-end integration, configuration)
Full functional testing
Shop launching (nameserver modification, SSL certificate adding, etc.)
Project pre-launching training