ZENTO is built on the solid foundations of Magento, and offers all the necessary features for your online store.

Attributes and
product families

Product families (called Attribute Sets) are used to classify products into classes with specific attributes for that product type. Attributes are one of the most important components of Magento, and they are used to describe products in your catalog.

Text attributes (short or long) are the simplest attributes and can be used to describe product specifications for a product in Magento. Dropdown attributes (single value or multiple choice), are useful when you want the value of the attribute to be set from a limited set of attributes; these can be shown in the product specification, but are more useful in creating filters for the product list (for example, the popular example of manufacturer).

Magento also has date, price and image attributes, used by Magento itself to describe products, and which you can use too.

Products for all scenarios

Magento supports simple, configurable, grouped, bundled, virtual and downloadable products.

Simple products


The simple products are the base products in Magento, also being used as part of configurable, grouped and bundled products. Magento also has virtual products, which are simple products that don’t require shipping (like tickets or services), and also downloadable products which are virtual products with a download action after purchase (like eBooks).

Produse configurabile


Configurable products allow the buyer to select certain features for their product (like size, color or material); configurable products can be configurable by multiple attributes at the same time, and the system can automatically create the associated simple products for all the possible configurations.

Produse grupate


Grouped products are collections of simple products, of which the buyer can order one or several. The bundled products are a pack of multiple products which as a package form a special price.


Categories group products for display to the buyer, and a product can be part of multiple categories at the same time. Categories can be structured on multiple levels, with a maximum of 4 levels displayed in the main navigation.