ZENTO offers everything you need to manage your customers,
orders, deliveries and returns.

Customer management

Your clients can create an account on your ZENTO store, and this accoutn groups together all their orders, invoices and (if applicable) downloadable products. Using their account, your clients can checkout faster by selecting a previously used address.

The store admin can assign clients to different customer groups and apply special promotions or special tax rules.


Magento tracks your order from the moment of its placement through to its delivery, with the according status updates. The order is placed, then the payment is confirmed (automatically in case of credit cards) and invoice is generated, and finally the order is delivered and completed. Beside the simple scenario, ZENTO also managed the complex scenarios: orders can be edited with products changed, shipments can be partial, payments can be manual and orders can be cancelled (with credit card refund).

Invoicing, shipping and returns

Through ZENTO, even without an ERP integration you will have basic invoicing, inventory management and credit memos. Invoices are adapted to the Dutch legislation and are available for printing for both the store manager and for the client. Shipping and partial shippings automatically generate AWB documents for integrated carriers, and client can use the tracking code from his account to follow his delivery. For the returns management scenarios, orders can get credit memos which will create the corresponding accounting document and sales reports.


Inventory management is also included, without the need of a complex management software. When an order is placed, stocks are decreased, and are automatically increased on order cancelled. You can also choose whether products with no stock can be backordered or if they should become unavailable (with users being able to subscribe to be notified when they return to stock).

Stock management can be done at a product level, so if for some products you want to allow backorder and for others not, you can do it.

ERP Integration

Beside the extensive management functions ZENTO offers, some merchants need more advanced management, and this is where ERP integrations come in. ZENTO integrates with all ERP solutions that integrate with Magento, and through them you’ll be able to manage invoicing, shipping and multi-warehouse inventory management directly from your ERP.