After you launched your online store with a compelling offer for your buyers, the key to success is with attracting those buyers onto your site. You can do this with promotions, newsletters, social media campaigns and with a good onsite marketing activity.

Google Analytics
eCommerce Integration

ZENTO does more than a simple Google Analytics integration, it does the more advanced eCommerce Google Analytics integration. This will give you advanced reports that beside the number of visits it also gives you reports on who and how much buyed and from what sources that lead came from; this way, you’ll know which strategies are bringing buying customers and are worth doubling down on.

Zento.SHOP Google Analytics eCommerce Intergation


Promotions are some of the oldest tricks in the book, and ZENTO offers everything you need. You can define fixed amount or percentual coupons, unique or unlimited, limited to a certain period in time and with the advanced possiblity of only allowing them on certain products or for certain clients.


Repetitive sales is the most profitable channel in a store, and the newsletters are the best tool to achieve this. Beside the native Magento newsletter functionality, ZENTO has Mailchimp integration by default to allow a more advanced segmenting of clients.

Zento.SHOP Magento Newsletter


Banners are perfect to greet your visitors with your best promotions, and ZENTO has a simple yet complete integration, optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile. The system allows the defining of multiple sliders, each with its own banners.

Promotions, Related,
Up-sell & Cross-sell

Products can have special prices, with the possibility of limiting them to a certain period of time, with automatic labeling as promoted and special price. Each product can have other products associated as related, up-sell or cross-sell and they’ll be automatically shown in the product or cart page; this way, you have an extra chance of selling more to your clients.


A simple social sharing function with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ integration plus satisfied and passionate clients is all you need to make new clients out of your customers’ friends.