Search engines are one of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting new clients to your shop. Therefore, a good optimisation of your online store for search engines is a must.

Basic SEO

To optimise your online store for certain keywords you consider important, you need to have advanced control over URLs, texts on pages and meta tags. ZENTO is well prepared for this:

  • Search engine friendly URLs generated automatically and with manual control
  • Control on meta tags for title, description and keywords in each page of the site and on each product and category
  • Correctly optimised theme with alt tags for images, correct element hierarchy and semantic coding

In addition, ZENTO is responsive, which is critical in SEO for mobile devices.

Extra SEO

In addition to the basic elements, ZENTO brings another layer of optimisations that offers the needed SEO edge over your competitors:

  • Rich snippets for product, reviews and other elements
  • 301 redirects for products that change URLs or for migration to ZENTO from other platforms

Speed Scoring

Perhaps the biggest SEO impact that affects positioning is brought by speed, and ZENTO is extensively optimised for both server-side speed (server response time), as well as on resource loading. Frontend optimisation includes:

  • JS and CSS resources are minified and merged
  • JS and CSS is loaded asynchronously (deferred asynchronous loading)
  • HTML minification
  • All graphic resources are optimised
  • All transfer is compressed with gzip and leverages browser caching

Even the images uploaded by the admin for products are optimized every night by an automated script, to maintain the perfect scores even after the store is populated with data. Server speed is guaranteed by a scalable cloud server architecture based on subscription, which includes Redis caching on all plans.

ZENTO.SHOP is ultra-fast