Magento, although well prepared for localisation, doesn’t comes standard with configurations and functionalities required in most countries. ZENTO is currently perfectly localised for the Romanian, German, Dutch markets and of course US and Canada.

Local and
international VAT

For the European applications of ZENTO, it comes pre-configured with all the VAT classes fiscally available and applies differentiated tax on orders.

International selling was never easier: ZENTO manages VIES validation for communitary purchases with valid VAT codes and 0% tax, as well as reverse taxation for orders with VAT.

Localised invoicing

Especially for Europe, there are special requirements for billing, starting from customer details to what details need to be displayed and how on the invoice. ZENTO collects all the needed details at checkout and then generates a correct localized invoice.


For non-English countries, the Magento translations are sometimes lacking, so ZENTO brings a complete and elegant translation of all native Magento texts and transactional emails.

In addition, all the content sections are editable from the admin interface, to allow a complete personalisation of your store.

Legal checklist

Your ZENTO store will have all the texts and features legally required in the localised countries: terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy etc. All these you can change in case you want to personalise your business terms of service.