We’ve built Zento out of a healthy disregard for the impossible and the obsession of creating a stunning eCommerce product that would serve the needs of entrepreneurs just like us.

For years we’ve built literally hundreds of custom shops through our Magento development agency which served big names that you’d probably recognise anytime. Not only we built them, but also managed them and got nitty and gritty in the details of how we can improve conversions and online sales.

Recognising the ever-increasing costs of building, maintaining and operating a scalable and powerful online store, we set out to build a better solution — hence Blugento was born, the first iteration of our eCommerce product.

Zento as it stands today is a natural evolution — and the second iteration of our product, which is faster, more versatile and created for the experience economy.

The company received a first round of investment in 2019 and is now part of the R22 group of companies.

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