Switching to Zento


We love predictability, so we`d like you to give you a well-deserved sense of peace of mind by staying with you at every step of the migration process.

  • 1. Switching from a custom solution

    Switching from a custom solution

    If your shop is custom built for your exact needs, one of our solution architects and a dedicated team will assess your current implementation and future needs and will devise a plan to migrate the data to Zento.

    This process can widely vary depending on the coding language your shop was built in and when it was last updated or customised. Get in touch with our solution team today and let’s discuss your needs.

  • 2. Migrating from in-house Magento 1 to Zento

    Migrating from in-house Magento 1 to Zento

    Zento is built on the solid foundation of Magento 2, so you will essentially be migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, but in a cloud environment and with a heap of additional features and flexibility, without any technical hassle.

    In this case, the process is quite straightforward — learn more about our standard process here

  • 3. Starting fresh with Zento

    Starting fresh with Zento

    If you want to start fresh with your shop or just open an additional one, the process is extremely simple — we’ll set, connect and configure everything you need — integrations, payment, shipping, efulfillment, marketplaces, stock management and more — you just need to choose a design that we’ll customize for you, add your products, descriptions and any particular pages you might need and you’re all set. Please refer to our process page to learn more.

Got questions?

We’re eager to answer any concerns you might have about switching to Zento — get in touch with one of our experts

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