GDPR & Data Governance

Managing privacy, security, consent and governing the use of data is no longer a hassle.

Cookies & Consent

Privacy is not only a legal concern, but is something your users want more and more. Zento’s consent management system allows you to clearly communicate and classify all the data you collect and process, so that your users can provide an informed consent.


GDPR Compliance

In addition to the consent functionality, Zento’s GDPR implementation allows your customers to withdraw their consent at any time and request their details to be exported or deleted.

Being GDPR compliant is now easier than ever.


We Stay Out Of Your Data

We host your shop and manage its security, but we stay out of your user data. Even when providing support, our staff can see only anonymised data and access to the encrypted database is restricted.

All the administrative actions are recorded in an audit trail for complete accountability.


Secured & Encrypted

In addition to AWS’s data center security, all data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit, accessible only from the internal private network and constantly monitored and kept up to date.

Read more about our security policies.


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