Switching to Zento

Reasons to Switch

There are quite a few compelling reasons why you should consider switching to Zento. Here we’ve picked seven of the most important advantages that all our clients have pointed out:

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership


    An in-house solution comes with quite a lot of costs you need to consider: Upfront licensing fees, infrastructure costs like hardware, network, backup and development systems.

    Then you have the cost of human capital, such as project management, database, servers, firewall, security, backup and help desk resource — and the overtime and week-end pay for security emergencies, hotfixes or hardware repairs. With Zento, you don’t need to worry about any of these, as Zento is fully managed and lives in the cloud.

  • Predictable cost


    While benefiting from a drastically reduced cost of ownership, Zento also has transparent, predictable costs that grow only when you do and not before.

    Every business that uses Zento benefits from the same enterprise-grade features and pays based on the volume of sales it drives through the platform. It’s honest and affordable — and it makes sense.

  • Always updated


    No more lagging behind two software versions because the development team was caught up with bug fixes

    Zento is always updated and upgraded, so you can rest assured that your shop always benefits from the most cutting edge features and security patches, with zero involvement on your part.

  • ERP Integrations


    Connecting Zento to your preferred ERP is paramount; Since your ERP contains critical data like orders, prices, customer info, product data, and shipping methods, when you Zento with it, you let both platforms run with near-real time data.

    Also, you will be able to easily manage costs, reduce support calls and simplify compliance with tax laws and specific B2B processes.

  • Reliable


    Based on the powerful core of Magento 2, Zento comes with scalability built-in and a plethora of extensions and integrations that have been thoroughly tested for bugs and stability at various levels of shop loads.

  • Design, Development, SEO, Marketing, Business Consulting


    The Zento team has extensive experience in both technology as well as business and we love to pass on that experience to our clients through our product.

    Our people have been designing and coding shops for over a decade — and marketing them in order to ensure our clients achieve the level of success they want.

    Moreover, we help our partners grow and scale their sales by interacting with them at every level of their business.

  • Extended eCommerce Experience


    At Zento, we not only build and manage shops, but we also operate them.

    With hundreds of shops already deployed in various geographies and across different verticals, from fashion and jewelry to infant care and professional tools, both in B2C and B2B, we’ve experienced prety much there is in eCommerce.

    We’re quite confident that we can help you scale your sales, regardless of your current challenges.

Got questions?

We’re eager to answer any concerns you might have about switching to Zento — get in touch with one of our experts

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