Migrate or start fresh. It’s being taken care of.

Predictable and easy to understand process that takes care of all concerns.

Launching a new shop or migrating to a new eCommerce solution

Always carries with it a certain degree of uncertainty and restlessness — and the last thing you need is to worry about yet another issue.

That’s why we’ve devised an easy to follow deployment process that we’ve revised over the years in order to make you fully aware of what needs to be done and when.


Assessment of needs

We’re going to meet with you in order to capture your current needs and analyse your pain points, as well as discuss what is that you want to achieve by switching to Zento.


Planning your online store

Once your needs are clear and agreed upon, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager, timelines will be devised and work will be planned for your online store.


Design and Implementation

This step is a joint effort between your team and Zento; we’re going to personalise the design and the UX of the shop, import and add the product attributes and categories from supported formats, migrate the content from your old solution if needed and assist in the creation of the product catalog.


Testing and training

During this step both our teams and you will thoroughly test your new site from all angles: design, UX, navigation, products, payments, automations and the entire order flow.

Once all these were tested and signed off on, we’ll have a training session in order to cover any and all aspects of managing your new online store.


Handoff and launch

This is the final step, during which we’ll move the site to your own domain so it will be ready to receive orders; at this point you’ll also be assigned a client success manager that will take care of all your Zento related inquiries.

Who does what during this process?

We’ve created a handy little chart that addresses responsibilities during step 3

Who deals with:zentoyou
Creating and implementing the designZento
Localisation and configuration (adding the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and standard Terms and Conditions), setting languages, VAT, currenciesZento
Configuring transactional emailsZento
Preparing categories, attributes, products in compatible formatZento
Manually adding categories, attributes, products in the Zento panel
Migrating from old supported platformZento
Adding informational pagesZento
Blog administration (adding/editing articles)Zento
Configuring payment and shipping gatewaysZento
Marketing tools integrations (Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel etc)Zento
Installing additional modules Zento
Shop launch (changing nameservers, installing SSL certificate)Zento

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