People and Culture

Everyone at Zento is laser-focused on shaping the future of eCommerce. Whether uber-experienced or just starting out, our people simply don’t take NO for an answer and are always looking for ways to increase conversions and deliver results.

Our culture rewards results, innovation and personal contributions as much as teamwork. Sometimes it might get hectic, sometimes you feel like on top of the world — but it’s always fun and impactful.

We strongly value wits, continuous learning and people taking charge — and we’re sure you’ll appreciate not always being the smartest one in the room.

Open Positions

  • Sales & Marketingno open positions

    The traditional sales & marketing goals are simple: make Zento well known to potential clients, open conversations and convert leads to sales.

    But our mission goes well beyond this: our marketing aims to educate the market about starting and succeeding in eCommerce, while our sales team’s goal is to listen and understand the needs and offer the best solutions to the problems. Our goal is not only to make the sale, but make sure we deliver success.

  • Service Delivery & Support1 job

    With the clear goals set by the sales team and the solid underlying technology, the service delivery team is the one responsible for guiding the client through the entire process and delivering his perfect online shop. After the launch, the goal is to support the client in all his needs and offer professional advice to help them grow their shop to its maximum potential.

    Department comprises multiple roles: service delivery managers, customer success managers, technical experts and UI/UX specialists.

  • Development & Designno open positions

    Unlike the typical eCommerce agency, the development team’s goal is not to work 6 months on a project and create features for a single shop then start over, but rather architect and develop features that will impact thousands of merchants and millions of users.

    As a team we work with the best technologies and techniques and aim for a true agile process in which the team is empowered to deliver the best end results in the most efficient way.

  • HR & Administrativeno open positions

    With such a dream team and great mission, the department’s role is to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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