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A Wiki with extensive descriptions explaining Zento's vision, how it is different
from a traditional solution and why you should switch to Zento.


This is a great starting point to explore this in-depth overview of Zento. We'll focus on what Zento is and why it's a good solution for your business, and afterwards we can go deep into how we've built Zento in order to make this possible.

Design & UX

Design and user experience determine your client's relationship with your brand, so it is one of the most important aspects of your shop.

In this section we'll take you on a journey through our design philosophy and how we can make your shop stand out from the rest and earn your customers' loyalty.


The goal is simple: maximum uptime, fast runtime and efficient scaling. To achieve this, Zento runs on the most advanced hosting technologies in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud leveraging the latest Serverless and Kubernetes techniques available.

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