Startup Festival X Bounce 2018 South Korea

Startup Festival X Bounce 2018 South Korea

10/31/2018 6:21 AM

In a previous article, we announced that we’ve been accepted to be part of Orange Fab Romania, which is an acceleration program.

All the startups that are part of this program have the opportunity to take part in Startup Festival X Bounce that will be happening in Busan, South Korea. So that is where we’re headed in just a few days!

Why Busan

Busan is the second-most populous city in South Korea after Seoul. In the last couple of years, this metropolitan city has taken the first steps towards becoming a global startup hub.

Today, Busan has specialized public startup supporting institutions, lots of accelerators, startup leading universities, investor-associated forums, and plenty of business incubation and acceleration programs.

What Will Happen At Startup Festival X Bounce

The event will take place November 8-10, in the Haeundae district. Currently, it is one of the most important startup events in Asia and it aims to connect more than 100 startups, global leaders, investors, private and government officials and citizens with the local market.

The topics tackled during the festival will be related to big data, blockchain, AI, fintech, new media, social venture, network, network, and fail & re-challenge.

Startup Festival will be structured into 6 main programs:

  • Speech/forum;

  • Networking;

  • Training/consulting;

  • Cultural performance;

  • Exhibition and events;

  • Investor relations.

The event will also have 3 major keynote speakers, which we're very much looking forward to seeing:

  1. Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s older sister) is the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media. Not only that, but Randi is also a Harvard graduate, an investor, best selling author, and tech media personality. We’re extremely curious to see what we can learn from her.

  2. Chris Barton is the co-founder and Board Director of Shazam, the popular app that allows you to identify the music that’s playing around you. At Shazam, Chris played a key role in taking the company from idea to making profit. Before working here, he accumulated plenty of experience working for Google and Dropbox in the mobile departments. We cannot wait to hear his keynote speech on entrepreneurship.

  3. Amy Peck is the founder & CEO of EndeavorVR, a global leading firm that does consulting on VR/AR. She has years of experience in business development and working with startups. It will most certainly be interesting to discover her thoughts on XR and how it can improve our lives.

Aside from these fantastic keynote speakers, Startup Festival will feature 20 other speakers from all around the world with various backgrounds - from brand managers to venture capitalists, blockchain experts, or marketing specialists.

With so many activities and programs going on, we should get started on making a list of all the events we want to attend while we’re there.

We’re very lucky to have the opportunity of being able to connect and establish relationships with companies and investors from another part of the world.

Now we need to get ready for the conference. But don’t worry - we’ll be back with a new article where we’ll relate our entire experience at Startup Festival, including our thoughts and impressions, and what we learned there.          

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