Ready template or Individual design - what to choose?

Ready template or Individual design - what to choose?

1/6/2020 11:57 AM

The decision is made - you are going to open an online store! Congratulations, it's a big step. Now you stand in front of planning and decisions... One of them is choosing how your website will look. Zento has two options for you: a ready-made template or an individual project. How to choose which option is better for your business? Advise below!

Before you make a decision


The most important issue you need to consider is the budget. Take into account all the costs that are still ahead of you and calculate how much money you can spend on graphic preparation. However, money is not everything. How extensive your future site is going to be is also very important. In addition, the industry in which your store will operate is a crucial factor. The choice of layout should be tailored to the necessary functionalities and future recipients.

Advantages and disadvantages of templates


A template is a ready page design. The choice is large, and the final look can easily be matched to your expectations and visual representation of your brand. From the very beginning you know how your store will look, so there are no surprises. In addition, preparing the store to opening when choosing a template, is a very quick process. The templates prepared by us are modern and responsive, fully equipped with the rich functionalities of the Magento platform. Plus, the cost of such implementation is small. The decision on the template is associated with a relatively low investment risk, so it is a good choice for beginners and small businesses. You can view our suggestions library by clicking here.


Zento offers as a Bonus personalization package for stores built on a template so that you can fully adapt our ready project to the needs of your business! This package includes:


  • Creating and modifying banners

  • Preparation and uploading your logo

  • Setting up your domain

  • Customizing manufacturers' logos


But of course we have to be honest with you - the choice of template has its weaknesses ... The wider possibilities of its modification are very limited. You need to be prepared for the fact that the same designs are used repeatedly, and despite the personalization - you can easily see the similarities between projects built on the same template.


Advantages and disadvantages of an individual project


If you know that the template will not be enough for you - we have a solution. Individual project will meet all your expectations in terms of the appearance of your future site. Tailor-made graphics, functionalities chosen by you. If you need custom solutions, this will not be a problem. Unique, distinctive, special - that's how we'll create your store. You won't find a similar implementation anywhere. All you have to do is tell us what you expect and our designers will prepare it for you. The possibilities of modification are almost unlimited, and if in the future it will be necessary to make changes - this process will be much easier. We guarantee graphics consistency with other elements of visual identification. You can click here to view our portfolio, full of individual solutions. The most important factors behind choosing a personalized layout include:


  • Original look

  • Any page layout you want

  • Any additional elements you want

  • Positive impact on shaping the brand's position on the market

  • The possibility of interference and consultation in the process of design


But we won't charm you - the cost is higher compared to the template solution. It is also possible that we will need a bit more time to prepare the project for you - in the end it will be created from scratch. Your greater commitment to the process will also be necessary. Unfortunately, there is no fortune-teller in our team that could guess what our customers need. Without proper communication of expectations and visions, bringing the project to the final phase may be a path of torment for both parties. Our team is very well prepared, we will ask you specific questions and present suggestions - but you must know what you really want. If in doubt, you can always count on our advice and support.

If after reading this article you still do not know what to choose - our consultants are ready to help.


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