The importance of video content in digital marketing

The importance of video content in digital marketing

In 2020, a brand that manages to grab the user’s attention first, will win the race, get a lead or even a new client. And video content is a great way for brands to accomplish their objectives because it’s easy-to-digest, versatile and engaging and it can also be shared on multiple platforms. Consumers like it because it is entertaining and engaging, and marketers use it because it can give a potentially huge return of investment (ROI) through multiple channels.

Video content is also very accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce. While there is certainly a trend towards higher quality video on a professional level, anyone can create their own content in under an hour.

Market status

Studies have shown that consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service that has video representation. This makes establishing a personal connection with buyers through the means of video marketing a key element in the future of online marketing. 

Also, the rapid growth of e-commerce has resulted in more consumers becoming comfortable with the idea of making their purchases online. This makes it increasingly important for companies to establish an engaging and personal connection. 

Motion outperforms static for attention

Naturally, movement catches a person’s eye and compels the viewer to pay closer attention. Websites that utilise videos to draw the attention of the viewer have an immense advantage over those that rely on simple text and images. Video content can take the shape of webinars, tutorials, ads, interviews, product videos, live streams, customer testimonials, presentations and so on. 

Video length

How long is the ideal video length?

Instagram: 30 seconds

Twitter: 45 seconds

Facebook: 1 minute

YouTube: 2 minutes

Social media

Another thing you can do is share your video content on social media. There are a lot of posts that bring almost no value at all to the audience, so the best way to stand out is to create something new and refreshing. You need content that engages, entertains and informs the audience, and the video content just happens to be the best way to achieve that. Statistics show that 55% of people watch videos online every day, and social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than texts and images combined.

Facebook has shared the concept of “Pitch, Play, Plunge” – the three states that users tend to be in when using social platforms. Each state needs specific content created for it: 

Pitch – Users that are on the go – they could be travelling or just passively scrolling through the news feed on their mobile devices. To attract their attention, Facebook suggests short videos or immediate content (8-10 seconds long). These ads should catch the user’s attention quickly and get straight to the point before the user loses interest, and should be in vertical format to suit the mobile device being used. 

Play – Users that have a bit more time to “lean in” to their screens. The content created for users in this state should be interactive to get them engaged and keep them intrigued. Think 360 video, interactive video or even augmented reality.

Plunge – Users that can “lean back” and spend more time watching a longer piece of video content. Longer content would suit these users better such as a live stream, or something similar, that is engaging but, at the same time, holds attention.

Content creation

Here are a few things that need to be considered when creating this type of content:

-Tell a story – this can remove the direct feeling of being sold which can encourage someone to engage. 

-The first 5 seconds are the most important; they need to be captivating, representative of your brand and entertaining. 

Mobile friendly – desktop may still be the king of conversions but mobile ads are more likely to be shared. 

-Include a Call to Action – it’s important to let the consumer know what action you want them to take from the video. 

-If you include text, make sure it’s appropriately sized – otherwise it’s a waste as people will skip right past your ad.


It has been proven that video content can increase conversion rates in sales. However, poor production quality may have the reverse effect on a consumer. Products and services that are not presented well can drive away prospective business. As with all marketing techniques, quality should always be of the highest concern. When creating video ads and promotions for your website, be sure to carefully consider your ad campaign.

Conclusion and Key Take-Aways:

1. Video content is the best of both worlds. It gives your product a human touch, without being too salesy, while being a professional piece of content that engages and holds attention. 

2. Pay attention to the quality of your content. Whether you are creating video content for a client or your personal Social Media feed, you should always pay attention to the quality standards for each social platform and video length.

3. Play with your video content and be creative! Choose your characters in order to suit your desirable customer and tell a story through colours, movement and shared know-how. 

4. Hold back on the copy. Keep it easy to digest, fun and short!

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