Inventory & Prices

Your ERP is the source for prices and inventory and the ERP integration syncs your inventory, including multiple warehouses or brick & mortar shops.


Orders & Customers

When an order is placed, it’s synced over to your ERP where you can then process it and send back the invoice and tracking number. As soon as someone creates a customer account we sync it over to your ERP.



Sometimes products get sent back and we must make it hassle-free and efficient. So your user can fill in the return form (included with the Zento RMA module) in your shop, and the pending return gets synced to your ERP.

When you receive the product and process the return, the status is synced back from your ERP to your shop so the user is always in the loop, and finally a credit memo is sent from the ERP to your shop.


Built-in Flexibility

Not all ERPs work the same, and not all businesses use the same flows, so our integration is built for flexibility around your needs.

Check out the list of integrated ERPs and let us know if you can’t find yours in the list.

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