CDN First

All visits are routed through CloudFront for response times of under 20ms for CDN-cached resources from cloud-edge locations, even under the highest load.


Headless with Server-Side-Rendering

An important element in hosting PWA applications (also called “headless”) is SSR (Server Side Rendering): this makes sure visitors get a fully rendered HTML DOM on their first page-load and hydrate the application from that point on, for maximum speed and performance.

Search engines also love rendered pages that make them work less.


Serverless Frontend

Both Server-Side-Rendering and frontend APIs are running on AWS Lambda. This guarantees Amazon-level scalability and very high cost-efficiency. The Lambda read-only filesystem has a limitation that makes the executed code even more secure.


Kubernetes Backend

The Magento 2 part of the Zento application is running on an advanced Kubernetes cluster in AWS, with built-in redundancy and auto-scaling.

Demanding jobs are running in RabbitMQ worker queues, so that all processing is done asynchronously without impacting operations.


Database & Caching

The Zento application uses MySQL, ElasticSearch and Redis, so its AWS architecture relies on the performance and high-availability of AWS’s PaaS components: Amazon Aurora with replication for the MySQL database, AWS ElasticSearch for ES and ElastiCache for Redis.

The entire solution has a multi-AZ (multiple Availability Zones) deployment.


Static served from CDN & S3

Almost all of the resources that are loaded when a visitor lands on your pages are static (images, CSS, JS & fonts), so serving them fast is key.

All resources of shops running on Zento are served from edge-optimised CloudFront CDN nodes with minimal latency and high bandwidth. Static resources loaded and cached by CloudFront are stored in S3, for high efficiency and maximum availability.


Resized & Optimised

All images loaded in the frontend are resized to the ideal size for the users’ device and automatically optimised, then served in next-gen formats for the highest bandwidth efficiency and best performance scores.


Logs & Backups

All logs are securely stored in CloudWatch for enhanced monitoring and audits. Daily backups are encrypted and stored in a separate S3 account for maximum security.

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