Senior React Developer


Role is responsible for working together with rest of fronted team and Magento 2 backend team to build the next-generation Blugento core based on PWA architecture with Magento 2 backend.

Focus is on good architecture decision to maximize stability and maintainability of application, while optimizing for client-side performance, optimal payload and future extensibility.


  • minimum 3 years of experience with React
  • minimum 8 years of experience in frontend development
  • experience with unit testing and code quality control
  • experience with architecture on complex React projects
  • team player with good communication


  • Blugento architecture for PWA on React with Magento 2 backend
  • build React components and application for new Blugento PWA
  • code quality maintenance through unit testing and code review
  • continuously create new frontend functionality for Blugento core
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