Access Logs & Load Times

Logging all user visits (without storing any user data) is not only a security and analytics requirement, but also allows you to make sure your shop loads fast for each user request.


Memory, CPU & IO Analytics

Monitoring memory, CPU and network/disc IO allows the DevOps team to catch and resolve surges in production before they escalate to something noticeable.


Database Monitoring

Making sure the database and cache have optimal performance is a key driver in constant application performance.


Audit Trails

Monitoring all admin actions brings security and accountability to the entire team operating the shop so that mistakes can be easily detected and corrected.


Security Monitoring

With advanced tools like AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) or A.I. powered threat detection from AWS GuardDuty, our DevOps team constantly monitors the security of the shops running on Zento.

Development team is also constantly monitoring the security alerts regarding sub-components used throughout the system to promptly update and patch them.

Find out more about our security policies.

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