Why Zento?

Why Zento

Because Zento is built on Magento 2 and is offered in a Software-as-a-Service subscription model.

But to understand why that's important to you as a merchant, let's first take a step back and think about:

  • Why Magento 2?

  • Why SaaS?

Why Magento 2?

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world and is owned by Adobe, one of the biggest players in the industry, which offers a guarantee that this product will be constantly developed and updated in the future.

But beyond the size of the parent company, which is impressive but not unique, the most important reason to choose Magento over other platforms is that it is Open Source.

Open Source isn't important just to the developers working on the code, but also for the merchant, to whom the business security of investing into a shop built on a platform that has a secure future is paramount.

Open Source also brings popularity and wide adoption, which in turn results in good support from third party products and plenty of courses and documentation for staff to get proper training to efficiently work with Magento.

Why SaaS?

As a merchant you can opt for an in-house development team, a development agency or a Software-as-a-Service solution to build your shop.

The in-house or external development team can customize your shop to the smallest detail imaginable, but that does come with a considerable initial investment, followed by constant maintenance costs. Eventually another complete rewrite will be needed, which will result in and another big investment. You can read more about the comparison between these options in our Total Cost of Ownership article

With a SaaS subscription approach you no longer have the initial investment and the ongoing costs are clearly predictable. You do have to work within the existing features of the solution, but they are extensive and built at a quality level that would be impossible with a custom build due to cost and time constraints. To see a few examples of this, you can read more about some ofout key Features, our Hosting deployment and the way we architected our Code

Why Zento?

Zento is built on Magento 2 and is offered in a Software-as-a-Service model. We covered the why for these three elements, but why Zento is the right solution for you?

Features: the Zento theme and Magento 2 is loaded with specific features to offer the best possible experience to your shoppers and maximise conversion, while also making it easy for your team to manage the shop related activities.

Hosting: Zento is built for the cloud, which means that it focuses on scalability and stability. This translates into a great experience for your shoppers, even during peaks, with optimal hosting costs for you. Our hosting setup made no compromises on performance & stability, and leverages the latest technology the cloud has to offer.

SaaS built on open source: the subscription model offers you an affordable way to launch and operate your new shop at a quality level superior to the alternative approaches. Since it's built on Magento 2 Open Source, unlike with any other SaaS solution, you have the freedom to take your data and migrate to an on-premise custom-built Magento 2 solution if at any point you decide to do so.

Fast time to market: unlike with custom built solutions that can take 9 months or more, your shop on Zento can be launched in a matter of weeks.

SaaS + Magento: this is what makes Zento the smart choice for you.

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